An Underexplained Power Ranking of Grantland Writers

(Note: Writers grouped into 11 tiers, organized alphabetically within those tiers. Tiers go from best to worst.)

1. The Whole Package, Flipping The Switch Between Serious And Funny At Will:

Zach Lowe

Brian Phillips

2. Legitimately Good, Serious Writers:

Jonathan Abrams

Jordan Ritter Conn

Bryan Curtis

Charles P. Pierce

Louisa Thomas

3. Actually Entertaining:

Holly Anderson

Katie Baker

Rafe Bartholemew

Andy Greenwald

Justin Halpern

Alex Pappademas

Andrew Sharp

Mark Titus

4. Write A Little, A Lot To Say:

Chris B. Brown

Kirk Goldsberry

David Hill

Hua Hsu

Rany Jazerli

Brian Koppelman

The Masked Man

Mike L. Goodman

Robert Andrew Powell

Colson Whitehead

5. Hit or Miss:

Bill Barnwell

Danny Chau

Spike Friedman

Jonah Keri

Ben Lindbergh

Sean McIndoe

Wesley Morris

Ryan O’Hanlon

Graham Parker

Shane Ryan

6. Write A Lot, Don’t Have Much To Say:

Steven Hyden

Robert Mays

7. Try Too Hard To Be Funny, But Can Occasionally Strike Gold:

Matt Borcas

Rembert Browne

Zach Dionne

Cordan Goble

David Jacoby

Molly Lambert

Jason Concepcion (Netw3rk)

Shea Serrano

8. Nope:

Mark Harris

Chuck Klosterman

John Lopez

Jalen Rose

9. Appear To Have No Understanding Of Even Basic Comedic Concepts:

Amos Barshad

Jason Gallagher

Cousin Sal

Mark Lisanti

Chris Ryan

10. Unknowns / Haven’t Read Them:

Tara Ariano

Michael Baumann

Tom Bissell

Jared Dubin

Jason Fagone

Sean Fennessey

Juliet Litman

Eric Raskin

Mallory Rubin

Dan Silver

Emily Yoshida

11. Just The Worst:

Bill Simmons



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