Pictures of People Taking Pictures of Florence and Other Fun Things

“I did 40 days of P90X to prep for this picture-taking marathon. All of those Crouching Cohen Curls are totally paying off now.”
Same leather jacket AND the same picture? THEY’RE THE PERFECT COUPLE.
Wrong way, sweetie.
You know what they say about men with big extended lens on their cameras…
FYI, the steps of the Duomo aren’t the reason it’s famous.
The other side of the building looks, like, totally different.
Dude, get up–you’re blocking the famous Duomo steps.
We traveled through the streets on Segways! Just like real Fiorentines!
Segs on Segs. This guy’s playing chess; we’re all playing checkers.
Gonna buy ’em, do some hammer curls, and then crush that vino, bro.
They’re called doors, Florence. Use them.

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